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Marijuana and Drug Testing | How I passed my test with Toxin Rid

Posted on April 14 2018 by enviedematerner in marijuana, drug test, Toxin rid

Toxin Rid detox pills for drug test

Toxin Rid detox pills for drug test

I remember the 'DARE' program in school very well. I can remember the stories of marijuana they would tell to us to make us aware how dangerous the drug is. I bought into it and I was what people called 'Straight-Edge' for a long time.
Until, I smoked my first joint. My first thought was this: 'I wish I had more Iced Oatmeal Cookies...'

I did not want to shoot heroin because supposedly smoking pot means next I will shoot some smack. I did not want to smoke more and more and become addicted. All I wanted was more cookies...

How can a naturally grown plant be such a bad drug? I could not see it. That was not what stopped me from hopping onto the stoner wagon though. Pot was illegal and I had no desire to be a criminal.

Therefore, I stopped. That and I mean if it is illegal, there has to be a good reason. It probably caused serious long-term effects or cancer. Our country wouldn't ban something for no reason!

My First Drug Test: Toxin Rid Detox Pills Or Synthetic Urine

Then I had to take a drug test, I was wondering what should I say, synthetic urine or toxin rid detox pills?

At the end I used The toxin rid 10 day detox program and successfully passed my first urine drug test. Its expensive, but definately works.

If you would like to read some Toxin Rid 10 day detox reviews before ordering, check out this review.

Recently. I saw a documentary on marijuana on Blip TV at a friend's house. Its title, 'The Union: The Business behind Getting High". I was skeptical and thought, "Oh no, another 'Super High Me'".

I was completely wrong. This documentary had its act together. It was well done and it made me so angry to watch it. I was a fool for taking a backseat to the Marijuana Movement. This video sets into perspectives many things. If more people watch this video, I believe Marijuana would be better understood. I will not go into much of what was in the documentary; it would not do it justice. I suggest you just watch it and learn. You will be captured in the first scene.

Here is just a tidbit: They interview growers who flat out say they do not want Marijuana legalized. I thought that was funny, criminals do not want it legalized because that means they will lose a lot of money. They are profiting off our countries ignorance.

People are Anti-Pot for the wrong reasons. They do not understand the actual 'drug'. They were fed to the DARE program which spent more time on Weed and less time on Meth and Cocaine. People were told it is a gateway drug or if you smoke, you will go crazy and kill people. Therefore, people stay away.

I will not even go into Medicinal Marijuana. That is just too huge. I will say though that it touched my heart to see someone struggling with an illness and getting pure and safe relief from this drug and even if you are a medical marijuana patient, you still will be drug tested.

Then you will need to use products like Toxin Rid detox pills and nasty stuff like synthetic urine.

I do not endorse smoking pot and growing, buying, or selling pot. That is illegal and wrong. What I will endorse is change. We need to review our Anti-Pot laws. I challenge any anti-marijuana lobbyer to view that video.

Do not break the law try to change it. We have the power and united we can move towards the goal of legalizing Marijuana. The documentary is necessary watch, please watch it, and show it to at least one person!