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How to download Avid Pro tools for free.Pro tools is one of the best DAW out there, but it costs a lot,iam going to share tips and trick about pro tools,how to get a working cracked version for free.

How to get VST plugins for free

Posted on August 4 2016 by enviedematerner in vst plugins

How to get the best VST plugins free without survey

If you are looking for quality VST plugins then you should forget the free ones. freebies are nice, but those plugins are not even close to the professional ones. My favourite VST plugins are: Native instruments massive,maschine,Kontakt,Superior Drummer,EZDrummer,Diva,Serum vst,Tone2 Gladiator,Nexus 2 vst and so on..

Free plugins can not compete with these...So if you are looking for premium VST plugins for completely free, without doing stupid surveys,then watch the video and follow his instructions.


Pro tools 11 crack

Posted on April 1 2016 by enviedematerner in pro tools 11 crack

Pro tools 11 crack

Pro tools 11 crack

In my previous post i was talking about how to get Avid pro tools 11 for free without paying a dime.So i guess many of you downloaded certain versions of Pro tools, but can not activate them without the crack file.

Pro tools 11 crack is missing from most of the downloads. The reason is Avid Pro tools is one of the hardest software to crack.There is a website called "godedhardy".com. They provide working pro tools 11 and 12 cracks for free. Its free, but requires a survey completion.

I know it sucks, but still better than nothing. I choosed some beer survey and it unlocked immediately(check it with a burger survey too- wich one is your favourite burger?) and that one also worked. These are called email submits..so all you have to do is to type in some fictionary info (name/address/phone number) and you are good to go. You will also need an email, i advise you to create a new one and submit that one, just to make sure they wont spam the shit out of your personal email. I tried the crack file and it works. Already had a working pro tools on my laptop, but wanted to check it with a Pro tools 11 trial too.So if you have an installer, expired trial or any kind of Avid Pro tools without the ilok crack file, then visit:

godedhardy.com and download the latest Pro tools 11 crack for free.


How to download pro tools 11 for free

Posted on December 24 2015 by enviedematerner in pro tools 11 free download, pro tools 11 crack, pro tools 11 ilok crack

There are many ways to download Pro tools 11 for free.

Many people use torrents because they are completly free,however i wouldnt recommend them because 99% of them are fake,sometimes they share something totally different just rename the file.I dont know how they benefit from fooling people, but they do it on regular basis.Another option are surveys sites,JUST NO!

When it starts with something like"Spam check""submit your email" "fill out one survey to unlock the content" "share it on facebook to unlock the content" bla bla...these are all fake bullshit sites.Just stay away.Many people just looking for Avid Pro tools 11 crack because they have downloaded the "installer" already.I can not share the Pro tools 11 ilok crack separately, but i can the full version. Link has been posted already on the bottom of "pro tools 11 free download" post.


Avid pro tools 11 ilok crack

Avid pro tools 11 ilok crack


Avid pro tools 11 ilok crack

Posted on December 18 2015 by enviedematerner in pro tools 11 download, avid pro tools ilok crack, pro tools 11 crack, pro tools 11 mac

working crack for avid pro tools 11
working crack for avid pro tools 11

Compressive Guide: Activate and Install Pro Tools 11 Download

This is a 2016 guide; as a result, updated avid pro tools 11 download guide for your undertakings. If trying these procedures and you notice blank pages displaying, choose a different web browser. If having troubles activating pro tools 11 patch, follow the step-by-step listed in this guide and prior to any carry out, affirm that you posses ilok 2 – this is a type of USB dongle that puts together software authorizations. Additionally, do not commence software installation unless you have reviewed the steps below.


1: If you had any version of Pro Tools 10 download or higher versions installed in your OS (operating system), the first step is removing the application program from your system. Nonetheless, it’s possible to have diverse Pro Tools system installed in your PC (10.3.6 and 11) at the same time. Look up verifications from the link.

2: the subsequent step is downloading relevant drivers that your system requires to run the Pro Tools application. Visit the PC manufactures websites and search for updated drivers.

3: do you have an Avid Account? This is prerequisite you ought to undertake by clicking here and creating the account. It is free. Additionally, if you lack ilok account, create the account from this site. It’s free of charge and a quick process.

4: Once the two accounts are successfully created, find the activation links to activate the accounts, and then log in to the accounts.

5: Hereafter, the product requires that you enter your personal information. It’s a registration requirement.

You can use this sites pro tools 11 cracked since the only requirement is downloading the freeware and installing to your PC. Following are feature and benefits of the Program:

  1. This is your favorite music making program. It encompass user friendly audio interface supporting up to 32 diverse channels. Therefore, you work the way you desire.
  2. Want to create multiple and large sized mixes incorporating simultaneously playing tracks, perhaps up to 192 voices? Consider avid pro tools 11 download.
  3. The program boasts desirable facets including OMF/AAF/MXF interchange function, multi-track Beat detective and ISD (Import Session Data) among others.
  4. Create better mixes, accurately timed soundtracks owing to the built-in ADC (Automatic Delay Compensation) facet.
  5. Want to work with video tracks easily? Use this programs Time Code Ruler, the updated 7.1 surround panner and the stereo path depths.

System Requirement:

Before downloading the pro tools free program from this website, affirm that adhere to the following system requirements:

  1. Get ilok for pro tools 11 if necessary.
  2. The program supports windows 7 and 8 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems versions – Ultimate, Professional and Home Premium. Supports Mac OS 10.6.4 & 10.6.4, 32-bit and 64-bit.
  3. Affirm that your PC has a GDB. Test if the product exists by typing ‘GDB test’ into the PCs terminal.
  4. Uninstall all installed Pro Tools products.

Downloading, activating and installing Pro Tools is a faster process. If you get pro tools 11 error installing required components to the system, download the relevant drivers or update the existing ones.

For a working version of Pro tools 11 click HERE


Pro tools 11 free download

Posted on December 1 2015 by enviedematerner

how to download avid pro tools 11 for free
how to download avid pro tools 11 for free

Avid pro tools 11 is the refined version of the flagship software from Avid’s music creation and audio production tools. Pro tools is digital audio work station for MS windows and OS X. It has been developed and introduced in market by Avid Technologies. A number of key features like Clip Gain and real time fades of the software are favorites of music lovers. Outcome is very responsive on slow hard drives with enhanced disc handler. Expanded automatic delay compensation and audio suite enhancements are also liked by users.Many websites offers Pro tools 11 for free, but be careful most of them are fake.


Software is loaded with creative features to add multiple audio file formats as well as bit depths to a session and even without conversion. It provides unrivaled sound quality with higher resolution and works with or without interface as the user desires. It is possible to create bigger mixes with even 96 audio tracks. It has capability to polish mixes with more than 75 plug-ins. New Channel strip feature is also inbuilt.

Speeding up of mixing with industry tested tools is possible. It works in editing and mixing faster with Clip Gain, Automatic Delay Compensation, Smart Tools and real time fades. It can easily compose with MIDI and Score type editors and virtual instruments. It is widely accepted by professionals in field because it provides easy to use tools which are powerful. Streamlined workflow helps to increase individual efficiency.

People can work with Avid pro tools 11 as desired to edit, record and mix music and sound on pictures. Tool comes with more than 75 virtual instruments, sound processing and effects. It has the capacity to produce great mixes because of utility plug-ins which imitates sounds of hardware processors of classic type, instruments and amps. The tool has inbuilt EQ and dynamics of System 5 which makes it most sought for console for producing memorable mixes.

System Requirements:

In Windows and Mac systems total system RAM should be minimum 2 GB, preferably 4 GB. System software may be 32 or 64 bit. Windows 7 Home Premium, Ultimate edition with Windows 7 Service pack 1 or Professional systems are preferable. Avid qualified window based computer is must for compatibility. In Mac Systems, Apple computers which are Avid qualified are compatible. System software in 32 or 64 bits should be Mac OS X 10.6.7 of snow leopard type or higher or 10.7.4 lion type.

Minimum 15 GB space is required on hard disc. Video peripherals, Avid audio interfaces and peripherals, third party audio interfaces, audio drive requirements, dedicated graphic cards; plug in compatibility and Driver upgrades should be as per recommendations.


There is a Trial or Demo version of Pro tools 11. For $199 payment, one gets unlimited online support for a year, along with a collection of cool audio plug-ins throughout the license period. For a single system pro tools are available for $299 for a year. Other facilities can be availed on payments.

I finally found a good source for Pro tools 11 free download

Its the latest version and it works like the original version, the only differance is it free and doesnt cost 600$. I hope it helps.